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First female Principal dies aged 75

Pat twyman new
Posted: Thu 16th June 2016

The first female college principal in the Midlands, Patricia Twyman, died last night, aged 75.

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The EU referendum- making a decision as a country

Posted: Wed 20th April 2016

Bournville College students had a chance to participate in a debate around EU referendum taking place on 23rd June as they attended a talk from Anthea McIntyre, Birmingham Euro MP.

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Support your Local Community Week Success

Bournville-College PR
Posted: Fri 15th April 2016

Bournville College recently hosted a week-long initiative –“Support your Local Community”. During the week, students were able to find out information about a range of volunteer opportunities and undertook projects supporting the community organised by the Student Union.

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Proposed merger of South & City College Birmingham and Bournville College

Posted: Tue 8th March 2016

As an outcome of the recent area review it has been recommended that South & City College Birmingham and Bournville College merge to form a single college. Both brands will be retained as will provision on the Longbridge site.

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Bournville College funds an ECG machine for tiny babies

Posted: Thu 3rd March 2016

The fundraising efforts from Bournville College’s charity ball held last week will be buying an ECG machine for the neonatal unit at Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

Millennium Point’s Atrium Wall

mill pic
Posted: Mon 22nd February 2016

Birmingham-based street artist Liskbot who designed front cover of Bournville College’s prospectus for school leavers in 2013, is the second artist to use the new Atrium Wall at Millennium Point.

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HeadShuffle Event Raises Awareness for Mental Health

Posted: Wed 17th February 2016

Rebecca Head (22) FdSC Film and Television Production Technology student at Bournville College has created an event to not only create awareness for mental health but to tackle the stigma people may have.

Route to Success Week helps students to progress

Posted: Wed 10th February 2016

Bournville College recently hosted a week-long progression initiative – Route to Success, to help students learn about a variety of opportunities available to them during next academic year.

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Bournville College students visit Billingsgate Seafood School

Bingsgate edit 1_web
Posted: Thu 28th January 2016

Bournville College Catering and Hospitality Level 2 and 3 students visited the famous Billingsgate fish market and Seafood Training School on 19th January to learn about fish and seafood as well as preparing a selection of recipes using sustainable species.

Exhibition is a voice of the unheard

Posted: Fri 18th December 2015

A project centred around the theme of people finding their voice enabled students with autism studying at Bournville College to contribute to an exhibition produced by Tom Cross. The exhibition called Unheard Voices which was installed at Bournville College’s Learning Resource Centre for the duration of four months, explored challenges faced by people who can’t […]